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Leak Repaired - Request Adjustment

  1. Per the Development Services website, “A permit is required for the construction or repair of any building, structure, plumbing system, electrical system, or mechanical system in the City as per City of Sachse Code of Ordinances.”
  2. Was Development Services contacted to confirm permit requirements? *
  3. If no, please contact Development Services 469-429-4781 to ensure your repairs do not require a permit.
  4. Please note, obtaining a permit is not required in order to move forward with the adjustment review.
  5. Previous repair adjustment request has occurred within the past 12 months
  6. Acceptable forms are: itemized receipt of repair parts, plumber invoice, receipt from a pool technician or other documentation supporting repairs.

  7. I hereby apply for an adjustment under the City of Sachse's Code of Ordinances. I certify that the above and attached information are true and accurate.

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