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Public Information Request

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    In accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, Public Information requests must be submitted in writing. Requests should be for documents, or other information that is already in existence. The City of Sachse is not required to answer questions, perform legal research, or comply with a continuing request to supply information on a periodic basis. The City may, however, ask for clarification if it is uncertain what is being requested. Some records of the City of Sachse may be exempt from disclosure. 

    If inquiring about zoning compliance, please contact the Development Services Department directly at 469-429-4781 or for a Zoning Verification Letter.

    Please describe the public records you wish to receive. In order to expedite the search for the records, please be specific and provide as much information as possible.
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  8. The City will respond to this request as soon as possible or within ten (10) business days per state law.
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    The cost of copies for public information shall be an amount that reasonably includes all costs related to reproducing the public information, including costs of materials, labor, and overhead.*
    *Reference: Texas Public Information Act, Sections 552.261 through 552.275.

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