Debt Obligations

The Debt Obligations page contains information required by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts to qualify for the Comptroller's Transparency Stars program. Additional information has been provided to aid in a broader understanding of the City's finances.

Bonds issued for the Governmental activities are payable from the levy of property taxes assessed against taxable property with the City. Bonds issued for business-type activities are self-supporting obligations which are paid from the respective net revenues of each activity.  Other obligations, including leases, may be repaid from property tax levies or general operating revenues.

The City of Sachse is reviewed and rated by two separate rating agencies.  The City of Sachse maintains AA with Standard and Poor’s; Aa2 with Moody’s.

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Debt Obligations as of 9/30/22

Fiscal Year 2022Per Capita*
Total Outstanding Governmental Activities, Tax Supported Debt Obligations
Total Outstanding Business-Type Activities, Revenue-Supported Debt Obligations$11,486,382$404
Other Obligations, Including Leases$36,148$1
Total Outstanding Obligations$66,785,641$2,347

*Based on a population estimate of 28,453. Source North Central Texas Council of Governments, 2022.

Tax Supported and Revenue Supported Debt
Inflation Adjusted Debt per Capita

The Bond 2021 election was held November 2, 2021. There are no upcoming elections currently scheduled.

  1. Debt Excerpts from Approved Budgets
  2. Debt Payments

Debt information is provided as part of the City's budget, The following links contain debt information excerpts from the past City budgets.

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2022 Budget Excerpt

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HB 1378: Debt Obligation Reporting under Local Government Code Section 140.008

The 84th Legislative passed HB 1378 to increase the transparency of local government debt.  Under Local Government Code § 140.008, political subdivisions, including counties, cities, school districts, junior college districts, special purpose districts, and the other subdivisions of state government must annually compile their debt obligation data from the preceding fiscal year.

2022 Report

2021 Report

2020 Report

Time Trend for Tax Supported and Revenue Supported Debt

Downloadable file detailing the outstanding General Government  and Business-Type debt for the previous five fiscal years.

Issue-by-Issue Listing of Outstanding Debts

Downloadable file detailing all outstanding City of Sachse debt obligations, including principal amount of each.

Texas Comptroller Debt at a Glance

The Texas Comptroller’s office has compiled debt statistics on all Texas cities, counties, school districts and community college districts, as well as the State of Texas.