Municipal Development District

The 2017 Comprehensive Plan recommended allocating its remainder quarter-cent sales tax for parks and other projects. A Special Election was ordered by City Council in August 2017 for the purpose of creating a Municipal Development District (MDD). The Election was held in November 2017 and was approved by the voters by 58.90%. A resolution was approved by City Council in December 2017 establishing the MDD and specified that funds may only be used to fund parks and recreation development projects within the city.

The MDD Board is a recommending body to the City Council that oversees the funds collected for the development of park and recreation projects and facilities within the District. 


  • Second Thursday of Month as needed / 7 pm
  • City Hall Council Chambers
    3815 Sachse Road
    Sachse, TX 75048

Board Members

  • Jermaine McDaniel, President, Term Expires 2022
  • George H. "Butch" Kemper, Vice-President, Term Expires 2022
  • Lindsay Buhler, Secretary, Term Expires 2023
  • Gina Nash - City Manager, Term Expires 2022
  • Matt Prestenberg, Term Expires 2023
  • Michael Wilson, Term Expires 2022
  • Valarie Pike, Term Expires 2023
  • Brett Franks - City Council Liaison

Bylaws - Adopted August 2, 2018; Amended June 21, 2021

MDD Bylaws


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