Take Me Home Program


Take Me Home is a program for people who may need special assistance in times of emergency. This kind of assistance may be required if the person is unable to speak or properly identify themselves, or if they become disoriented or act in a manner that could be misinterpreted by first responders. The system includes a current digital photo, demographic information, and caregiver contacts. There is no enrollment fee for this program.  

How the Program Works

If a police officer encounters a person enrolled in the Take Me Home program, the officer can query the Take Me Home database, searching by name or by the person’s physical description. This information is accessible in police vehicles or at the station. If officers find someone unable to communicate where they live, the officer can search the database by description and return the person to their loved ones. The system also works in reverse – if a loved one goes missing, their picture and description is immediately available.


Participation in the Take Me Home Program is voluntary and the Sachse Police Department maintains the database, which is only accessible by public safety personnel. The program is for those individuals who have difficulty communicating due to a developmental or cognitive disability and are at risk of wandering.  

There are several ways to enroll in the program: