Safe Trade Zone

When conducting sales or purchases of items from a private individual, it’s best to conduct the actual transaction in a public place. The Sachse Police Department offers Safe Trade Zones for residents to make online purchase/exchange transactions in a monitored area.

The Safe Trade Zones are located  at the Sachse Public Safety Building, 3815 Sachse Road, Building D. There is a Safe Trade Room within the Public Safety Building, and two marked parking spaces in the parking lot. 

The Safe Trade room is located in the foyer and is available during regular business hours. To use the room, contact a Public Safety Department personnel member at one of the reception desks.

The parking lot where the dedicated parking spaces are located is well lit, and has constant traffic. There is also 24-hour camera surveillance which sends images directly onto video screens in the dispatch center.

In addition to the safety of conducting this type of commerce in a secure location, purchasers have the option of requesting a check of serial numbers or other identifying markings to ensure the merchandise is not stolen property.

Both locations are also available for child custody exchanges.

Safe Trade Sign