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Common Code Violations
Sachse is a place Where Great Neighbors Live! The City is committed to protecting property values, ensuring neighborhood integrity, and enhancing Sachse's image and reputation by abating grime, enforcing property standards, and preventing community decline. Below is a list of common code violations.

High Grass and WeedsHigh grass.jpg
Weeds and grass over 12 inches in height are a violation.  
Property owners and tenants are responsible for keeping 
property mowed to the edge of the pavement.

Junk, Trash, and DebrisTrash and debris.jpg
Properties should be kept free of litter, garbage, and junk.

Illegal Dumping  Illegal dumping.jpg                             
Examples include unauthorized use of a dumpster, 
discarding trash, debris, or left over construction
material on private or public property.

Junked VehiclesCar 2.jpg

Any vehicle in public view that is not capable of 
being used or operated due to legal or mechanical incapability. 

Bandit Signssigns.jpg
Bandit signs are temporary business signs that are illegal and 
installed without permits. However, Garage Sales signs may be
posted for no more than 72 hours with a valid Garage Sale Permit.

Please use the Citizen Request Tracker to report or follow up on code violations or call 469-429-4783.

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