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Planning & Zoning
The Planning & Zoning division manages the planning and development issues of importance to Sachse and the surrounding region by being the primary liaison between the city and developers, administering award-winning development regulations, supervising special projects, originating future plans, drafting ordinances, and providing staff support to City Council, the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Board of Adjustment, and other ad-hoc citizen advisory committees.
Planning & Zoning ensures functional, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing development that is sustainable, coordinated, and protects Sachse's long-range tax base. Strong urban planning affords Sachse the ability to choose how it evolves, grow its tax base, survive change, plan for synchronized development, determine how it looks and feels, and improve overall quality of life for it residents.

2017 Zoning and Development Review Schedule
2017 Platting Review Schedule
2017 Board of Adjustments Schedule

Zoning is a municipality's regulation of land uses and associated development.  Property must be zoned correctly and satisfy development regulations prior to development permits being issued.  The City of Sachse has many zoning districts, each with its own requirements and allowed uses.  Development plans must comply with development standards of the Sachse Code of Ordinances.

Zoning restrictions ensure safer neighborhoods, more attractive business development, well-designed communities, and are the primary means to protecting Sachse's long range tax base.  Zoning is also one of several tools Sachse utilizes in implementing its long range plans.  The State of Texas delegates the authority and power to zone land to municipalities via Chapter 211 of the Texas Local Government Code.

Contacting the Planning Department is the first step if one desires to change the zoning on a tract of land.  State law strictly governs the rezoning process through a series of legal notices, public hearings, and conformance with the Future Land Use Plan (FLUP).  Factors influencing the outcome may also include compatibility with adjacent land uses, the proposed land use, recent zoning trends, adopted development policies, the recommendation of the Planning & Zoning Commission, and other relevant information. 

Platting & Subdivisions
A plat is a map of a subdivision that represents a tract of land, showing the boundaries and dimensions of property lot lines, easements, and streets.  It also establishes the lot, block, and subdivision name in real estate transactions.  After a plat is approved by the City, it is filed with the County Clerk becoming a legal lot of record for which a building permit can be issued.

Generally, a plat is required to legally subdivide property and prior to issuance of a building permit.  Important to note, a plat is not the survey required by mortgage companies when closing the sale of property.

Awards & Recognition
The Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association honored Sachse with a Certificate of Achievement for Planning Excellence award in 2017. 

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