Who are the Friends of the Library?

The Friends of the Sachse Public Library is a nonprofit 501c (3) corporation that provides fundraising support for the Library. If you would like more information on becoming involved in their activities, please call the Library or check the Friends of the Library web page.

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1. Do I have to live in Sachse to have a Sachse Public Library Card?
2. How do I get a library card?
3. Does the library have the book I am looking for?
4. Does the library have wireless internet?
5. Can I return my DVDs in the book drop?
6. Can I donate books and movies to the library?
7. Are there fines for late items?
8. Can I request a book that the library doesn't own?
9. Does the library have internet computers?
10. Does the library have e-books I can download?
11. Who are the Friends of the Library?