Lost Pets

Missing Pets

After learning that a pet is missing it is important to contact the local animal shelters as soon as possible. Personal visits to the shelters are important, and photos are helpful to identify lost pets. Shelter personnel encourage owners to keep looking for lost pets for several weeks, and to check shelters in surrounding cities.


If your animal has been taken to the Sachse Animal Shelter, the following fees will apply:
1st Offense
2nd Offense
3rd Offense
4th Offense
Boarding Per Day

If the animal is not registered with the city at the time of impoundment, registration will be issued and the charge applied:
  • $2 if the animal is spayed / neutered
  • $7 if the animal is not spayed / neutered

Contact Us

To report a missing animal, please contact Sachse Animal Control at 972.675.9662.