Sachse Active COVID-19 Cases

Total No. Active Cases in Sachse: 42
Dallas County Cases: 23
Collin County Cases: 19
No. Males: 23
No. Females: 19
No. Hospitalized: 0
No. Self-Quarantined: 0
No. to be determined (waiting on info from Garland Health) 42

Recovered/Removed Cases 

Total No. Removed Cases in Sachse36

  1. *This chart is updated as City staff receives information from the City’s health authority, which works with both Dallas and Collin counties on information related to active/recovered COVID-19 cases. The City does not receive information about Sachse-specific cases each day, so there may be lag times between updates on this chart. Each time new information is received about positive or recovered cases, this chart gets updated.

Last update: 7/9/20 at 3:03 p.m.

Collin CARES

Collin County is working on several programs to provide its residents with relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Collin County Housing and Living Assistance Program application is now open for resident submissions. Here is the link to the application.

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