Happy Gram Program

In 2016, the Texas Municipal League (TML) awarded the City of Sachse with a Municipal Excellence Award in the Communications Program category for cities under 25,000 in population, recognizing its innovative happy gram code compliance program.  It originated as an idea to more respectfully communicate with residents, defuse the awkwardness of enforcing the city's codes, and to increase voluntary compliance.

The size of a postcard, happy grams are cute and illustrative notices to residents who are in violation of certain codes. They are less formal and authoritative than traditional violation letters and door hangers. Instead of being penalty focused, the happy grams simply and respectfully remind people to be a good neighbor.  Please note, however, that happy grams do not preclude escalating nuisance cases through the system.  They simply are an alternative option for initiating contact with residents.

Happy Gram Examples.

TML Award Video