Water / Wastewater Services

The City of Sachse water supply comes from NTMWD.

Water / Sewer Emergencies

If you have a water or sewer emergency on weekends, holidays, or after hours, please contact the Sachse Police Department at 972.495.2271. A maintenance technician will be sent to your location.

Fire Hydrant Meters

Fire hydrant meters may be necessary during construction in the City of Sachse. A $900 deposit check may be brought in to the Public Works Department. Deposit checks may be mailed to Public Works with the Fire Hydrant Meter Release Form. The City will install the fire hydrant meter and backflow prevention device to a fire hydrant near the job site as indicated on the release form. Public Works will read the meter monthly to assess the appropriate water charges. If the meter needs to be moved to another location during construction, please call 972.495.7600. The first move will be free; every relocation after that will be a non-refundable $50 charge. 

Fire Hydrant Meter Release Form

Cease the Grease!

The NTMWD has facilities for disposal of cooking oil and grease. For more information visit NTMWD Cease the Grease
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