E-Watch Programs

Neighborhood E-Watch Program Objectives

The Neighborhood E-Watch group was formed to supplement our Areas of Responsibility (AOR). Neighborhood E-Watch is designed to provide Sachse citizens with an easy way to obtain: When you register your cellular device or email you will receive:
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Crime Alerts
  • Crime Prevention / Community Messages 
  • Monthly Neighborhood AOR Crime Reports
Sign Up for E-Watch 
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Business E-Watch Program

The Business E-Watch program was formed in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation. Business e-Watch is a cyber-based Business Crime Watch Group. By setting up an account with the police department, businesses will be able to receive emails and faxes for quick notification about reported crime or suspicious activities that have occurred at other businesses in Sachse.
  • Crime Alerts
  • Monthly Crime Reports
  • Protects businesses and patrons
  • Allows for notification to reach multiple employees
There is no cost to join and no limit to the number of email addresses or faxes associated with a business.

Please contact the Sachse Police Department at 972.495.2271, ext. 1204 for more information.

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